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Shopping for a new mattress is always a tough time. With so many options and prices that range from a few hundred quid to the price of a used car, it’s hard to know what is the best choice. Sleepopolis tries to take the pain out of buying a new mattress. The following is a complete list of all mattress reviews on Sleepopolis

These reviews are designed to answer the types of questions that every consumer has about a each mattress. How does it actually perform over a longer period of time under true in-home conditions. Every mattress review on Sleepopolis goes through a complete testing process. We personally sleep on every mattress reviewed. We research, analyze, deconstruct, sleep, sit, stand, and even have sex on the mattress. It’s our goal that through these tests you will have a better understanding of in-home performance and find the mattress that is perfect for you.

FoamMediumOpen Cell Foam
Memory Foam
Poly Foam
High Density Poly Foam
£600 Read Review
FoamMediumMemory Foam
Memory Foam
High Density Poly Foam
£1,029Read Review
Foam - Avena + memoryMedium5 cm Avena foam,
5 cm memory foam,
15 cm support foam
£690Read Review
Hybrid - foam + coilsMedium or Hard1.9 cm latex foam,
1.9 cm memory foam,
6.4 cm high density foam, 21.6 cm
pocketed coils
£649Read Review
Foam & Hybrid - memory + microcoilsMediumMemory foam - 3.8 cm memory foam,
1.9 cm transition foam,
17.8 cm support foam
Hybrid - 3.8 cm memory
foam, 1.9 cm microcoils
with transition foam along edges, 17.8 cm support
£699Read Review
Hybrid - latex + memory + microcoilsMedium5 cm latex foam,
2 cm microcoils with edge
support foam,3 cm memory
foam, 15 cm zoned
support foam
£909Read Review
Foam - memory + poly foamMedium Firm4.5 cm memory foam,
5 cm poly foam,
12.5 cm poly foam
£625Read Review
Foam - memory + polyurethaneMedium Firm4 cm memory foam,
3.5 cm poly foam,
16.5 cm base foam
£799Read Review
Hybrid - microcoils + foamMedium1.m cm cotton / wool,
11.5 cm micocoils,
12 cm support foam
£699Read Review
Foam - poly foam + memory foamMedium3 cm Airgocell Foam
2 cm Memory Foam
19 cm HD Poly Foam
£729Read Review
Foam - polyurethaneFirm3 cm latex foam,
21 cm zoned support foam
£675Read Review
Foam - memoryMedium Soft2.5 cm memory foam,
5 cm memory foam,
6.5 cm poly foam,
6.5 cm poly foam
£2,699Read Review
GhostbedComing Soon!
Made OneComing Soon!
IKEAComing Soon!

*Prices reflect a King sized mattress

Not seeing a mattress you’d like us to review? Please drop me an email via my contact form. I’d be happy to review it and add it to the list.

Every mattress on Sleepopolis is judged on multiple testing criteria. These criteria go into our final review score and can be used to help you make comparisons between different mattresses. We focus our testing on the following attributes:

Materials – What is it made out of? Is it healthy, natural, and hygienic materials? How thick are the materials and how will this impact longevity?

Comfort – How does the mattress feel when you immediately lie on it? What about after a few minutes? What about after a few hours? Is the firmness level middle of the road or is it on the extremes?

Support – Does the mattress maintain spinal alignment without causing pressure points?

Smell – Does the mattress have a strong chemical smell? If so, how long does it last? A few days? A few weeks? Indefinitely?

Trial – Does the mattress have a trial period? How does that trial period length compare to others? If there is no trial period, is there any type of guarantee?

Warranty – What’s the warranty period? How does this compare to other warranties? Are there any special conditions that would make the warranty better or worse than others?

Refunds – Can you get a 100% money back refund? If not, what type of refund guarantee is available?

Pricing – How does the pricing compare to other similar mattresses? Is the price worth the product? What’s the overall value?

Shipping – Is shipping free? Does it come compressed in a box or delivered via white glove service? How long does shipping take?


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